Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Presents! (Pic Heavy)

Wow!! I can not believe the time and love put into every one of these gorgous gifts!

First there was this gorgeous bag....
There are beautiful big pockets and even a keychain hook thingy (yes very technical :P ) inside! Perfect to hold my WIPs for the crazy 15 challenge/Wipocalypse next year. So happy. And the detail of the stitching *swoon*
A snowman ornament, so cute, threads and ribbon in my favourite color and a beautiful bag of beads and buttons.
Having admired these teatowels on Fionas Blog before I couldnt believe my luck when she made one for little ol' me! Love something that makes housework fun!
A gorgeous notepad, Christmas pillow, and what I think is a little owl keyring keeper, as there is a keyring hook thingy on the ribbon inside the owl. Fiona will be able to tell me whether I am right lol.
A beautifully stitched satchel? with the most devine smelling soap
A needlebook!! Exactly what I wanted for Christmas lol. and gorgeous baby blue aida (Hmm, I'll have fun finding a project or 2 for it)
Stunning Hexagons!
A cute ladybug (pincushion or just fun thingy) which DD (1) took an immediate shine to lol

So all in all I feel very humbled and blessed. They are all stunning and will be very treasured. Thank you so much Fiona, and I hope you get a little fun out of yours as well :)

And if you havent joined the Santa Sack Swap this year, its such a great idea, if Cheryll does it again next year, come and join in the fun!

Santa Sack Swap

Well today is the day! Dear Daughter (4) has been in charge of the countdown for the last week :) And I thought I would share a peek of what is waiting for me to open (although Im wondering with 3 other pairs of willing hands, how much actual opening I'll get to do :P )

So this is what the wonderful Fiona has sent me this year

Now Im off to supervise the opening of them as I know they will all be wonderful, thoughtful presents.

Christmas has come early this year :) (and I get a taste of how hypo the kids will be on the day!)

Happy Holidays :)

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Bits and Pieces

Wow, its been nearly 2 weeks since Ive posted. Well in that time I didnt get too much stitching done, and what I did was kind of here and there on different projects with nothing getting finished :P

So what did I get done? Well a little bit of this...
Another little ornament from Janlynn
and that......
Another charity square thats almost finished
And I started on this....

A piece called 'Kookaburras' by Lesley Suzanne Davies for DMC

But my most exciting news is that last night after weeks of waiting, the threads and fabic turned up for my first ever HAED (Heaven and Eath Designs) start. And start i did if only a small start. I gridded the beginning of the design and finished my first 10 x 10 square this morning.
And to get some idea of the scale of this peice.........
Can you see my little square? LOL
The project Im doing is called Comfy Cozy, and sometime in the next 2 years should look like this....
So I have heaps of stitching ahead of me.

Now though Im off to the post offce to send Fiona a parcel that shes no doubt anxiously awaiting and then I will cross my fingers that it makes it by Thursday for her to open :-D
Happy Stitching as we approach the holidays :-)

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Feeling a little like Christmas?

A tiny finish.....

Design: Celestial Santa by Janlynn
Finished: 1/12/11

but a finish is a finish, and he now gets to grace our tree, just have to buy a few other baubles to go with him :)

Happy Stitching in December :)

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Another older WIP update and new Followers

Ok yesterday I pulled out my other kitty stitch, dusted it off and off I went.

and After.....

And now I must say a big Welcome to my new followers! I have now reached 60 people who pop in and out of my little corner :)

So happy stitching to you all as we get ready to head into December (I rather think November wasnt here at all :-P )

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Visiting Old Friends

Well kind of....Last night I pulled this out of my WIP drawer....
I felt like it was time it got some TLC, so, when I finally put it down again, this is what I saw....

Its been fun getting back to 1 of my larger projects for a break while I finish up some of my Season stitching. Now I just have a few little things to finish off and I will be ready to approach the 2012 challenges with much gusto!

Happy Stitching this weekend :)

Monday, 21 November 2011

No Stitching but Lifechanging

Yes, no stitching was done in this household this weekend, so I guess unintentionally I missed IHSW

The reason however is I was preparing. Preparing for what I feel was 1 of the biggest lifechanging events for me so far :) This preperation led me to ......

here today......
which in turn allowed me the right to buy.....
(Both images from Google as I had no time to worry about photos lol)

Finally at the age of 24 I am able to drive without someone 'more mature' in the passenger seat. So watch out world and LNS here I come! lol :)

Happy Stitching and Safe Driving :)

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Over the last couple of days Ive had some fun mail.
Some fun little Christmas ornaments

One Season peice that caught my eye, and when it got here I realised its part of a banner..... sigh lol.

Celtic Spring, the first one of the ladies that Im collecting
So its been a bit of fun but it means I really have to go through my stash and organise it so that its all easier to find and store :) As it is its a bit of a shambles lol.

Come join us as we settle in to stitch on
Handmade by Heidi

Happy Stitching :)

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Charitable Finish

This little guy I stitched up for a charity called Stitch For Pleasure, Stitch for Charity . He took 3 nights to stitch up.(Edit: He is now headed to World of Charity Stitching as they have more use for him)

It is my first square for them so I hope they are able to use it. Its a 6"x6" square. They have different themed quilts for people to stitch like many other likeminded charities. I have my name down to do a baby themed square, which isnt due until March so I have a little time.
Whatever or whoever you are stitching for, Happy Stitching as we approach WIP Wednesday :)

Monday, 14 November 2011

Not Much to Tell

'Cinderella' (Or at least a part of her skirt)

Not much stitching has been done in the last week but I have got a few hours in the last 2 days. Its a hectic time of year for us now, but Im hoping to get a little done in the evenings of IHSW, and after next Tuesday things should quiet down a little for about a week lol

Happy Stitching :)

Friday, 11 November 2011


I thought it only fitting to use a cross stitch image for today

(Image from Google)

Monday, 7 November 2011

Some Progress

Well its been a week since I last posted. I guess my progress doesnt show all that much but I do admit to a few small happy dances that I cant share just yet :)

What I can show you though is dear old Mr. Snowman

As he was when I picked him up this evening.......

..and as I set him down :)

And hang on whats this?...

For that you will have to stay tuned as its a tale for another day.

Good night and Happy Stitching :)

Monday, 31 October 2011

November? Already?

Where did October go? Yikes this year has flown! I have plenty to do this month stitching wise or other, so I guess I had better get started :)

First an update on my little Snowman ornament.

Now dare I put down as a goal for November to get 10 hours each done on '2 kitties' and '4 Seasons Kitties'? Hmm we'll see.

I want to get this snowman done and I have 2 other projects to work on also this month. And little to no stitching will be done on the last week, so Id better hurry.

Happy Stitching in the lovely month of November!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Milestone!

Wow I have 50 followers! Thankyou to everyone who actually pops over to my little corner to check out my craft attempts :) Im so humbled that there are so many of you.

Ok so what have I been up to since I finished Tis the Season? Well a lot really but what you want to see is this....
hmmm... I agree its not much to look at yet but it will be once it gets to this stage.....

(the snowman)

Now does having 50 followers mean that a giveaway is in order? Well my grandma said 'Never make a big decision without sleeping on it first' so..... 

...... Watch this Space . lol!

Happy Stitching :) 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Something to show

Yes, another finish! 'Tis the Season' has finally been put into my finish drawer to patiently wait with about 8 others to be framed. This is what I worked on during FNSI tring to get the backstitching done, and just quickly finished it off this morning :)
Tis the Season by Janlynn
Fabric: Aida
Threads: Supplied in Kit
Started: About the 21st of August 2011
Finished: 24th of October 2011

I had another project to share with you as well but when I went to find it I found this...

Ooops. Looks like Fiona might have to wait a little longer to see it :)

Time to start finish another project

Happy Stitching :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Hearing Static..

Or thats probably what you feel like your hearing from my blog lol. Ive been quiet, mainly for 2 reasons,
1. Im trying to get some finishes done
2. No camera batteries!!

And as we're going away this weekend to visit family I promise plenty of photos of said finishes on Monday :)

Also next week there may just be some stash collecting to share as well, if I stalk wait for the postman.

I will have to do my FNSI post on Monday also, as I will be joining in once all the packing is done!

Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

A very important reminder (and *SNK* eyecandy)

A friend shared this on facebook, and I thought if any of you havent seen it yet, its worth a look :) A very well delivered message for us ladies. hehehe

Monday, 10 October 2011

A Finish

Yes as promised I have achieved the impossible simple task of a finish. But not the originally expected 1.
Fabric: Aida
Threads as recommended
Started: 3rd of October 2011
Finished: 10th of October 2011

Now this week I will be concentrating on 'Tis The Season', who knows I just might have another finish next week :)

Happy Stitching through the week :)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Keeping the Postman busy....

....with these 8 beauties, headed to Fiona today :)

I have been stitching but unfortunatly it has been on projects that I can't show just yet ;)
I'll be back to do my October post a little later but right now Im off to the post office and LNS.

Happy Stitching everyone as I stitch along in the warming Spring sunshine :)

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Some Questions

Ok so Im a cross stitcher who hardly ever gets around to 'finishing' as in framing,sewing ect. any of her projects. Bad I know lol. For myself I rather framing at the moment as the thought of sticky fingers on a much laboured over pillow or something is something I dont like to consider. Maybe when they're a little older :) But I look at all the nice finishes people around Blogg land come up with and I wonder, how do you know what faric to use and does it mean a seperate trip to LNS with every finished project?

I went to my LNS today and was quite disappointed as they had no 32cnt Linen, which I needed, only larger/smaller counts. Also another burning question is how much linen/Aida do you leave around a border? I always cut mine too close and now I have a few projects that I think 'how am I going to frame this?' lol.

Happy Stitching this weekend and I will leave you now with the hint that I may have a finish to share this week, just maybe :-D

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Spring Progress

I decided to wait for a week to post this time as I wanted to be able to show some decent progress :)I have been reading blogs and commenting here and there, just not posting.

So what else have I been up to? Well I'll let the pictures tell the tale...
Orange kitty now has 2 ears :-D
And the 1st little kitty is appearing in '4 Seasons Kitties'

And now Im getting ready for my sister to visit for a few days which will mean a lot of shopping (hopefully framing) and a lot of talking :)

Happy Stitching Everyone as we approach the end of another month :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

A Goal Finish

A finish of sorts and I'll take it for now. All 10 hours on my '2 Kitties' Project are done for this month. So this is how I will leave it for now.....
Now its back to '4 Seasons Kitties' for a while.

Happy Stitching into this wonderful weekend :D