Friday, 22 July 2011

Reviving My Poor Blog (Sweeping out the cobwebs) lol

Well it has been about 1 1/2 months since Ive logged on to here. I felt so bad when I realised not just how long that was but how long I'd let my 'me' time go, in the form of craft. So after dealing with illness, visitors and the like I am back. And with more reasons than before as my Mother-In-Law has succeeded in teaching me crochet. Did I need another craft?? Of course!!!!
3 generation have caught the crochet bug this winter with the kids recieving the following beauties from their paternal Grandma......

They are absolutly stunning and I hope to be that good someday :)

As for my attempts, this is my first, from a book called 'I Taught myself Crochet' from Boye.

This is the first stripe in the pattern which looks like this.....

but of course it will be in soft pastel this time.

And as Im impatient, this is my first ever crochet finish!.... Courtesy of Michelle Drenzek's pattern on

A beautiful Cure for Cancer Ribbon :)

In cross stitch news well theres not a whole lot but I did finish this little one from a fellow bloggers pattern, Ive just forgotten exactly who, so if you see this and recognise it can you please let me know so that I can give the right recognition, thank you :)

Sorry the photo is so blurry and twisted.

So that is what Ive been up to. I hope you have all been having a lot of fun with your stitching and other crafts :)