Monday, 31 October 2011

November? Already?

Where did October go? Yikes this year has flown! I have plenty to do this month stitching wise or other, so I guess I had better get started :)

First an update on my little Snowman ornament.

Now dare I put down as a goal for November to get 10 hours each done on '2 kitties' and '4 Seasons Kitties'? Hmm we'll see.

I want to get this snowman done and I have 2 other projects to work on also this month. And little to no stitching will be done on the last week, so Id better hurry.

Happy Stitching in the lovely month of November!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

A Milestone!

Wow I have 50 followers! Thankyou to everyone who actually pops over to my little corner to check out my craft attempts :) Im so humbled that there are so many of you.

Ok so what have I been up to since I finished Tis the Season? Well a lot really but what you want to see is this....
hmmm... I agree its not much to look at yet but it will be once it gets to this stage.....

(the snowman)

Now does having 50 followers mean that a giveaway is in order? Well my grandma said 'Never make a big decision without sleeping on it first' so..... 

...... Watch this Space . lol!

Happy Stitching :) 

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Something to show

Yes, another finish! 'Tis the Season' has finally been put into my finish drawer to patiently wait with about 8 others to be framed. This is what I worked on during FNSI tring to get the backstitching done, and just quickly finished it off this morning :)
Tis the Season by Janlynn
Fabric: Aida
Threads: Supplied in Kit
Started: About the 21st of August 2011
Finished: 24th of October 2011

I had another project to share with you as well but when I went to find it I found this...

Ooops. Looks like Fiona might have to wait a little longer to see it :)

Time to start finish another project

Happy Stitching :)

Friday, 21 October 2011

Hearing Static..

Or thats probably what you feel like your hearing from my blog lol. Ive been quiet, mainly for 2 reasons,
1. Im trying to get some finishes done
2. No camera batteries!!

And as we're going away this weekend to visit family I promise plenty of photos of said finishes on Monday :)

Also next week there may just be some stash collecting to share as well, if I stalk wait for the postman.

I will have to do my FNSI post on Monday also, as I will be joining in once all the packing is done!

Happy Stitching!!!

Friday, 14 October 2011

A very important reminder (and *SNK* eyecandy)

A friend shared this on facebook, and I thought if any of you havent seen it yet, its worth a look :) A very well delivered message for us ladies. hehehe

Monday, 10 October 2011

A Finish

Yes as promised I have achieved the impossible simple task of a finish. But not the originally expected 1.
Fabric: Aida
Threads as recommended
Started: 3rd of October 2011
Finished: 10th of October 2011

Now this week I will be concentrating on 'Tis The Season', who knows I just might have another finish next week :)

Happy Stitching through the week :)

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Keeping the Postman busy....

....with these 8 beauties, headed to Fiona today :)

I have been stitching but unfortunatly it has been on projects that I can't show just yet ;)
I'll be back to do my October post a little later but right now Im off to the post office and LNS.

Happy Stitching everyone as I stitch along in the warming Spring sunshine :)