Sunday, 23 October 2011

Something to show

Yes, another finish! 'Tis the Season' has finally been put into my finish drawer to patiently wait with about 8 others to be framed. This is what I worked on during FNSI tring to get the backstitching done, and just quickly finished it off this morning :)
Tis the Season by Janlynn
Fabric: Aida
Threads: Supplied in Kit
Started: About the 21st of August 2011
Finished: 24th of October 2011

I had another project to share with you as well but when I went to find it I found this...

Ooops. Looks like Fiona might have to wait a little longer to see it :)

Time to start finish another project

Happy Stitching :)


Fiona said...

Haha... very clever sneak peak.... It's so exciting ... your cross stitch is amazing...

Bec said...

Great finish! I love it. Super cute :)

Looking forward to seeing the mystery piece.

Joysze said...

Cute finish. It's adorable!