Sunday, 19 August 2012

2 months!!

Ooops! I promise Im still here, life has just been incredibly hectic. First with school holidays and trying to finish page 1 of Comfy Cozy which isnt quite done.
Also inviting our 4th little bundle into the family on the 6th of August (making our family complete with Girl, Boy, Girl, Girl) was a big joy and has meant many visitors and helpers.

This is the latest picture I have of Comfy Cozy although I think Ive done a bit on it since this was taken.

Just before I went into hospital, I received the threads and fabric to start a new HAED, 'The General' by Bob Byerly. I just put the first stitches into it this morning to get me started into stitching again.

The General

So I see a lot of stitching fun ahead of me (if I can find a spare 5 minutes in the day :P ). I hope you have all been well and got plenty of restful stitching done while Ive been away :)

Happy Stitching for the rest of the month! (Where has this year gone?)