Thursday, 29 September 2011

Some Questions

Ok so Im a cross stitcher who hardly ever gets around to 'finishing' as in framing,sewing ect. any of her projects. Bad I know lol. For myself I rather framing at the moment as the thought of sticky fingers on a much laboured over pillow or something is something I dont like to consider. Maybe when they're a little older :) But I look at all the nice finishes people around Blogg land come up with and I wonder, how do you know what faric to use and does it mean a seperate trip to LNS with every finished project?

I went to my LNS today and was quite disappointed as they had no 32cnt Linen, which I needed, only larger/smaller counts. Also another burning question is how much linen/Aida do you leave around a border? I always cut mine too close and now I have a few projects that I think 'how am I going to frame this?' lol.

Happy Stitching this weekend and I will leave you now with the hint that I may have a finish to share this week, just maybe :-D


Kaisievic said...

My local cross stitch shop says to leave 3" around the design but if I can I try to leave 4".

I hardly ever finish anything either as I love, love, love to start new projects.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Beth said...

I believe that you are supposed to leave three inches around the design, but I usually use only two inches. I am learning to love to finish things in different ways and I really have started a collection on backing fabrics. I love going to the fabric store for new fat quarters. If you ever decide to try other forms of finishing, go to Vonna's The Twisted Stitcher blog. She has the BEST tutorials ever!!