Thursday, 17 November 2011


Over the last couple of days Ive had some fun mail.
Some fun little Christmas ornaments

One Season peice that caught my eye, and when it got here I realised its part of a banner..... sigh lol.

Celtic Spring, the first one of the ladies that Im collecting
So its been a bit of fun but it means I really have to go through my stash and organise it so that its all easier to find and store :) As it is its a bit of a shambles lol.

Come join us as we settle in to stitch on
Handmade by Heidi

Happy Stitching :)


Cheryll said...

I hope you enjoyed FNSI! :)

Mangogirl said...

What awesome stash to get in the mail.

Grammy Staffy said...

and happy stitching to you too. It looks like you have plenty of work cut out for you. Have fun. Hugs, Lura

Karen said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your blog today and I'm a fellow cross stitcher myself :) Just wanted to share a link to an awesome shop that sells cross stitch supplies at 1/2 off retail and she has sales all the time. If you sign up on her email list you get coupon codes. Really cool stuff :) Have a lovely weekend!!!