Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Visitors, Goodbyes,Cooking and Stitching

We have been lucky enough to have my DGrandparents visit for the last couple of days. Its been great to catch up and good company for the kids, taking their mind off Daddy leaving for work yesterday. But when it came to saying goodbye, things werent so easy. DD came to me when they were getting ready to leave and asked 'Who's going to look after us now Mummy?'

This morning after the housework was done I actually got in and done some cooking, so our morning tea looked like this

And as I love looking at all the garden and decorating pictures on everyones beautiful blogs, and I havent got a stitching finish to show you (yet) I will be finished my give away tonight, fingers crossed, I thought I would leave you with these 2 pics.

Outside in my garden

Inside on my piano :-)


Val said...

Morning tea looks yummy and your flowers are beautiful.

Jilly said...

Now if you replaced the coffee with a X Large diet coke I am in. The food looks delish, I feel so hungry now!! LOL!!