Friday, 29 April 2011

Ooops, Late Give Away Post

I had posted yesterday about the winner and then in my hurry I accidently deleted that post instead of just the draft and didnt check it. So here it is again.

The winner of my give away, chosen by the use of is Cheryll @ Gone Stitchin'! And because she commented that she loves surprises I will let her reveal all when it arrives. If you could email me with your details Cheryll, that would be great :-)

And also today I wanted to share some peices that I completed, or almost when I was pregnant with DS 2 years ago. Id just about fogotten them when I unearthed them looking to things to finish the give away. So after a wash, dry and TLC here they are
A frustrating peice which actually turned out ok.**Edit. This peice I found again as a free design on**

This little fellas suposed to be holding a heart. I hope I can find a copy of his chart again to finish him
       **I did find him. Hes a free chart on**

Happy Stitching :-)


Grammy Staffy said...

You are so talented. I love your work.
All the years that I taught sewing in high school, I tried to have the students have hand projects to work on in between sewing projects or when they didn't have all of their supplies in class. I got some of them interested in cross stitch... which I love..... but many of them thought it was just too hard. Obviously, it is not too hard for you. You do a beautiful job.

I hope you have a great week end. Hugs, Lura

Hopblogger said...

That is a stunning piece! Congrats to the winner.

Larissa said...

Wow! That's just beautiful!!! I've tried a few in just blackwork, but inevitably get frustrated and put it to the side. I'm much more keen on ones with heaps of detail (no matter how big or small!). ATM I'm working on a Christmas angel that was featured in an old Cross Stitch Collection magazines (Nov 2006). I've completed about 2/3rds since the beginning of last year, in between other projects, while working on it once or twice a week for a couple of hours in front of a dvd in the evenings.

BubzRugz said...

Hi there... you have some lovely cross stitch work here.... I will be keeping an eye on you as I am your Santa Sack partner!! So great to meet you.....