Sunday, 10 April 2011

An Anxious Wait

I know this has nothing to do with stitching but I have to keep my hands busy. During last week our dog went missing. My 3 little 1s adore him, and Ive been worried sick as he has got out before but always come home. This time he didnt and I did the walk around the block, ringing council and forever checking their website, which states that after 72 hours they are rehomed/put down. Now tonight, finally his pic came up (hes safe thank goodness) but it says he was picked up on the 8th. It is now the 10th and I have to wait til morning to ring. I feel sick. Its going to cost to get him out and we dont have the money right now. I hope and pray my parents will loan it to me and that when/if I get him back my FIL will come and fix the fence where he keeps getting out. So I hope and pray we will get our little ball of fun back safe and sound but its a whole 10 hours til I can ring and make sure. 1 things for sure, I will be really tightening the 'apron strings' and showering him with love. And we had already organised to get him a playmate as we know he escaped due to being too lonely for interaction of his own kind, so I hope hes here to welcome his little mate.

Sorry about that, but Im sure you can sense my anxiety. A (hopefully) happier update in the next 12 hours.

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