Monday, 9 May 2011


Not a stitchy update today as even though I've been working on Lilac Fairy theres not enough to worry about taking another picture yet.

What I am waiting for is my baby sampler kit to arrive. It's taking forever. Maybe while I wait I'll finish off my Friends Forever bear. Hmm..Decisions, Decisions. lol.

I love looking at everyones blogs and getting inspiration to keep going, and with our busy lives we need that more than we know.

Happy Stitching :-)


Farm Girl said...

Thank you for your comment, well my dog plays and plays with them and so do the cats. I know people who have been bit and it hurts and swells up. The sun spider would really rather be left alone. We built the house I think where they lived and so it is our fault. :) They are just doing what they have always done and we are the ones who got in the way. The just are so fearless that it is shocking.
I just catch them and put them back outside.
Thanks for stopping by today. It is nice meeting you, your stitching is beautiful.

Grammy Staffy said...

You are so ambitious. You inspire me. I wish I had the energy to sew again. Maybe I will be able to get back to my embroidery soon. It will be a while before I can sit at my sewing machines again.

I have a nice blog friend who wants to buy some first Christmas ornaments for some of her friends who are expecting babies. I didn't give her your name because I didn't know if you are too busy with other projects to be interested. However, if you are, please go to her blog and tell her I sent you.

Keep up the good work. Hugs, Lura

Farm Girl said...

Hi there, I just started a Simplify to make a little hanging thing I don't know what they are called. It's a free by from Primitive Betty's I love her stuff because I can take it to piano lessons. I am starting a Halloween deal from Blackbird designs. I am going take pictures this morning I think.
Have a great weekend.

Rhona said...

Hope your baby sampler kit arrives soon....nothing worse than waiting for the postman to deliver a parcel. Happy stitching when it does get to you!