Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Pondering Progress

I really could go for a break right now. The weather is cool and Im getting ready to dive back into my stitching. So I wondered if you would like to sit awhile with me and see what we can get done :-)
Of course I come prepared. Please, help yourself to a slice and a cup of whatever you desire :-)

After a crazy week with my grandparents visiting and DHubby coming and going, its no wonder I felt a little under the weather for a while. And the thing that frustrated me most was that I wasnt getting any stitching done and my finishes werent appearing as I would have liked. So this week I said to myself that I really wanted to get Lilac Fairy finished, since it was already nearly a month after I had planned to get her finished.

So I  thought, as we sit here and warm up, that I would share the progress I have made so far...

I have a little bit to go (A lot of backstitch :-P) but it shouldnt be that much longer, I hope.

Motherhood is - A toddler screaming, wanting 'up' when you're **ahem** going to the bathroom

Happy Stitching :-)


Grammy Staffy said...

Good luck with finishing Miss Fairy. What beatiful work. You are so talented.
On this 42nd day in the hospital, I am heading home to California. I know the long trip will be difficult. Please remember me in your prays.
have a great day. Hugs, Lura

Joyce Clark Frank said...

What a great piece to stitch. You are doing a great job.

Jo said...

Agree with the motherhood comment, my 3yr old DD constantly asks for "a cuddle" as soon as I need the toilet LOL! Your fairy looks lovely.

Jilly said...

Beautiful on both accounts!! The cake looks Yuuuuuumy and the stitching looks fantastic!! You are very clever!