Sunday, 15 May 2011

Making a List...

Hmm.. Is it already a week since I last posted? Time absolutly flies!
So what have I been up to? Well I've done a little more on Lilac Fairy, bought some wool and knitting needles, and this morning I had started to see if I could make a sock and I got about 3 rounds done when DD#2 promptly pulled out 1 of the needles and poked me with it! Grrr. Maybe, just maybe I'll try it again when they are all asleep. Does anyone know of any easy beginner sock patterns?

So whats on the list for today? Well I can do a little more on Lilac Fairy but 2 of the colors seem to have gone walk about so I will have to wait before I can completly finish her now. Hopefully I can put a pic up again of her later. Also I can work on Freinds Forever bear. And I will be posting over on my other little corner which you can find on my sidebar, where I hope to share my insights into the rest of life.

All this will keep me busy and the love of stitching alive :)

Happy Stitching :)


Farm Girl said...

My daughter-in-law might have some she is at She makes socks for us all of the time. She knits very well. She has babies that do that same thing and you made me laugh about getting poked. She might have something that would be a easy pattern.

Virpi said...

Waiting to see your Lilac fairy... =D