Sunday, 9 November 2014

I promise

That my posts will get a lot more exciting come January :)
 I am joining in a New Year/New Start SAL and a Miribilia SAL and my piece for the first is also Miribilia. So I'll have 2 mirabilias, my 4 HAEDs and my Historical Queenslander in rotation at that point as well as finishing off my 2 secret stitching projects :) 2015 is going to be an exciting year! 
I also have a whole heap of small pieces in mind to do and maybe at some point I will do 2 bigger projects from Colour Cascade here in Australia for my kids. Soooo much stitching to be done, so little time. 
But here's my progress on Historical Queenslander
Happy Stitching!!


Emma/Itzy said...

Nice progress and I look forward to the new projects in the new year too! :D

Annie said...

Looking good!
I'm looking forward to your new projects too....they all sound fabulous! said...

It is gorgeous! This looks like a house of my dream:) I always wanted to have a dwelling somewhere in mountains far away from bitten tracks.