Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Starting Out

The first cross stitch I did this year

Well this is the start of me getting into crafting again after a long while of making my family what it is today. I hope some day soon to show photos of the projects I have finished and those which I have on the go. As a busy Mum I of course have the things I want to make for my children, cross stitch pictures for their walls and I also have bought material to make them each a quilt some day soon.

Another thing I am interested in is doing craft for charity as I am a stay at home mum but would like to know that I can still make a difference to someones elses life as well. My latest project is 2 little angels, 1 holding a dove and 1 blowing a trumpet which pattern I got from , which will probably go to Angel Quilt Project (

I also want to become involved in Quilts for Queensland through and send off some squares for this very worthy cause.

So watch this space for updates and pics of finished and ongoing projects as we all do what we can to get through these crazy days.

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Jilly said...

You are very clever thats beautiful!! I have never done cross stitch is it hard??